Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and PT. Guna Teguh Abadi Celebrate the Purchase and Delivery of the World`s 1st CKS3000

Feb. 26 2018

Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (KOBELCO) and PT. Guna Teguh Abadi(GTA Construction) celebrated the purchase and delivery of the world`s first CKS3000 in Japan. A special handover ceremony was organized at KOBELCO`s factory on February 21.

Indonesia-based GTA Construction is expanding its crawler fleet with the addition of two new 300-tonne CKS3000 lattice boom crawler cranes. KOBELCO and GTA Construction celebrated the occasion during the handover ceremony with leadership from both companies participating. The commemoration marked the expansion of GTA Construction`s lifting capabilities, as well as exhibition and delivery of the very first unit of the CKS3000.

Representing GTA Construction, Kaoru Hirota, President Director commented, "I am very proud to be here today to participate in this exhibition ceremony of the CKS3000 with which I have been involved from the development stage to offer my opinions and proposals. Also I am very grateful that this is the first unit to go abroad."

Representing KOBELCO, Shinsuke Izumi, Executive Officer, highlighted the cooperation from GTA Construction as the key to success. "The CKS3000 is the masterpiece that we have made while receiving the suggestions from Mr. Hirota. The CKS3000 is the largest model of KOBELCO`s multi-purpose crawler crane line up while also offering large-sized model features as well. The business relationship between GTA Construction and KOBELCO has been growing these past 20 years. We look forward to a continuing business relationship for more than one century."

The CKS3000, due for delivery in the middle of March, has a maximum lifting capacity of 350tonnes with SHL attachments. It will go to work in April in Indonesia.

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