Kobelco Crane Open House 2020

Feb. 18 2020

Kobelco Crane Open House 2020

Kobelco Crane Open House 2020

Seeing the prospect of strategic infrastructure development programs continue to be encouraged by the Indonesian government, agile and efficient heavy equipment in its use will still always be a basic need in supporting the program.

On February 18th, 2020, PT Daya Kobelco CMI held its first Open House Crane event in Indonesia. This event took place at the Head Office of PT Daya Kobelco CMI located in MM2100 Industrial Estate, Jl. Halmahera Blok DD-10 Danau Indah Cikarang Barat Village Kab.Bekasi West Java 17530, starting from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

Not only our loyal customers, we also invited some banks and leasing to this Kobelco Crane Open House 2020 event. The opportunity was to provide space to increase networking and improve good cooperation between all stakeholders. There are also customers who came from outside the city, just to see firsthand the sophistication of KOBELCO crane's new unit, the CKL1000i model. In this event, KOBELCO also directly brought the special team of Kobelco Crane from Japan, Singapore and India.


Kobelco Crane CKL1000i is the latest type of crawler crane from KOBELCO for 100 tons class. As the name implies, CKL1000i has a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons. CKL1000i has a boom configuration that can be adjusted to customer needs, with a maximum boom length of 61m. This crane can also use fixed jib combination, with maximum fixed jib combination is 51.8 m + 18.3 m. In addition, the CKL1000i is also powered by the Hino P11C-UN engine, which has been known to be reliable and fuel efficient. Kobelco Crane CKL1000i is suitable for various types of lifting jobs both in infrastructure, oil & gas, shipyard, and others.


Unlike the CKL1000i, the 7055-3F unit is a hydraulic crawler crane with a maximum lift capacity of 55 tons. This capacity is achieved when the machine operates with a boom length of 9.1m with a radius of 3.0 m. However, this is the maximum capacity and is very rarely used. The best unit quality with low maintenance cost, KOBELCO Crane CKL1000i and 7055-3F are the best choice to meet your job needs. The advantages of Kobelco Crane cannot be separated from the after sales support provided through 13 branches and 12 Service Offices throughout Indonesia, each of which has been equipped with the availability of well-trained mechanics who are ready to provide the best support for you.

Spare Parts Station

In addition to unit sales, Kobelco Crane Open House 2020 was also the center of spare parts sales. The invited guests could visit the booth spare parts display to see the types of spare parts available and could directly buy them during the event. KOBELCO spare parts display was also equipped with some interesting programs, such as PM KIT Filter promo package, Kobelco Genuine Oil promo package, and other spare parts components. Open House Kobelco Crane 2020 received a very overwhelming response from the customers who attended, where many customers asked to immediately send an offer. Not stopping at that alone, PT Daya Kobelco CMI immediately got an order CKL1000i from the customer. The number of visitors who attended the Kobelco Crane Open House 2020 event was 25 companies, 8 Banks and Leasing with a total of 65 people. Thank you to all parties for the success of this event. See you at the next Kobelco Crane Open House!