With 7 tons and 13 tons variants, this medium excavator can be applied in various working sites. It is widely used in the field of “forestry” with the use of attachment. It is also used in the field of construction. The size, which is not too large, results in considerably agile operations and work volumes which make the unit in this segment preferred in various fields that prioritize large production in a short amount of time. We also provide a special 13 tons unit “Logging Spec” by relying on high ground clearance and low ground pressure to support productivity in the forestry sector. Our upgrades in frame thickness and undercarriage will also maintain tool durability while on work.
In developing this segment, we focus on “3Es”, namely Enhancement, Economy & Environment. Common rail system-based engine enhances performance and efficiency which also makes your unit more fuel-efficient. It also makes Kobelco’s Midi Excavator meet the global regulations that demand the development of more environmentally friendly technology.

Heavy equipment industry is still very much needed considering the abundant potential of Indonesia’s natural resources, especially in the mining and industrial forestry. Indonesia is also promoting rapid infrastructure development. Therefore, the construction sector will continue to grow. Reinforcement made to attachments and undercarriages makes our heavy equipment durable and tough to work in extreme conditions such as in mining areas. The ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) in the cabin will also support workers with high safety feasibility. Productivity also becomes our focus by adjusting buckets with large carrying capacities.
In order to ensure that you get the best heavy equipment, we focus on 4 things: durability, operator comfort, maintainability, and low fuel consumption. We make sure you get a powerful unit, comfortable for your operator, and easy to maintain. In addition, to achieve maximum results in every business, of course, operational costs must be very efficient. Therefore, small fuel consumption always becomes our main focus in every development.

KOBELCO Multi-purposed Crawler Crane Series in the mission to provide satisfaction to our valuable customers, provide more efficient transport, and environmentally aware design ideology, control accurate to within tolerance of 1cm, safety and an attractive design were all factors that had to be considered. Excellent in handling of foundation and civil engineering work, revolutionizing the values of existing cranes and transforming it into a crane perfect for the modern age. Not only excel in efficiency, KOBELCO also utilizing “G-Winch” Technology that provide a more fuel-efficient system and reduced CO2 emissions. KOBELCO Multi-purposed Crawler Crane Series also flexible enough to meet the demands of every worksite.

KOBELCO Heavy Duty Crawler Crane Series built with power, speed, and reliability, engineered specifically for robust and high cycle foundation applications. With a high-powered engine and hydraulic pumps with a dual flow circuit are installed as standard equipment. Combined with a large hydraulic tank for duty cycle work, a variety of foundation application can be achieved easily with power and speed. In addition, due to KOBELCO’s unique systems and structures designed with foundation jobs in mind, hoisting and slewing during continuous high cycle work can be carried out without causing fatigue or stress on the operator. KOBELCO Heavy Duty Crawler Crane Series definitely will increase customer’s efficiency and productivity.

KOBELCO Large Size Crawler Crane Series suitable for large-scale plant and energy-related projects to infrastructure maintenance. With the upper frame that newly designed to increase sectional strength and optimizing the frame’s stress capacity, this enhances rigidity and contributes to the crane’s exceptional lifting capacity. Smooth Hoisting speed increased by approximately 30% ensuring faster, more efficient work. KOBELCO Large Size Crawler Crane Series also comes with Powerful Line Pull Winch with the efficient combination of a high-output engine and high-performance hydraulic motors, the winches deliver plenty of line full for single-line work. There’s also ample capacity to get even the heaviest loads off the ground. Easily assembled and dissembled, providing a more flexible transportability work experience.


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